In light of Tuesday”s tragedy, the Michigan women”s soccer team has canceled tomorrow”s game at Hartford and Sunday”s game at Connecticut. Coach Debbie Rademacher said that it is doubtful that the games will be made up at a later date this season.

Paul Wong
Andrea Kayal (left) and Carly Williamson and the Wolverines and have gotten off to a slow start this season and had hoped to rebound with two games this weekend<br><br>ALYSSA WOOD/Daily

The Wolverines originally planned to fly to Connecticut for the games, but the team no longer feels comfortable flying. Michigan is not sure that it could have found a flight to its games, anyway, given the confusion of the nation”s airports and airlines.

“We have a few people that are definitely afraid of flying to begin with, and this doesn”t help any,” Michigan captain Carly Williamson said.

The team also considered busing to the games but decided that would cause the athletes to miss too much class time.

On Tuesday, the Wolverines did hold practice, but it was not business as usual. The team had a light scrimmage to try and get the players” minds off of the crashes earlier in the day.

“It was certainly a pretty quiet, somber mood,” Rademacher said.

Some of the players from the New York and Washington D.C. area were especially upset. None of their family members were injured.

Michigan is currently 1-3 after defeating Dayton on Sunday at the Michigan Soccer Field. The team has been plagued by inconsistency during its first four games and lost games to California and Kentucky after leading most of the way.

“That”s the most frustrating part losing it at the end,” Williamson said.

Despite their sluggish start, the Wolverines are confident they will rebound and hoping history will repeat itself. Last year”s soccer team also started out 1-3 but ended up third in the Big Ten and advanced to the second round of the NCAA Tournament.

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