Junior forward Mia Miller runs to her friends’ house. She walks in, heart still pounding from the quarter-mile sprint, and begins to pace the living room. When her friends ask her to grab a seat and relax, she refuses. Miller hangs out for about a half hour, standing all the while, before departing for the gym where she’ll begin her daily workout routine.

Her behavior typifies the lifestyle of the women’s club soccer team — they do not like to sit around.

So when the Wolverines (4-3-1) finished the regular season in fifth-place nationally and their national tournament hopes appeared to be in jeopardy, players and team supporters refused to wait helplessly to hear which teams received bids. Instead, they took action.

“We had our board members and coach and even parents contacting our regional director fighting to get an at-large bid to Nationals,” senior co-president Bethany Carlson said. “The issue with the regular season is that not all of the teams play each other. For some reason, every year, we play all of the strongest teams in our region.”

With a winning record and a very tough schedule, Michigan was ultimately awarded a tournament berth.

Once the Wolverines arrived in Arizona for Nationals, they were anxious to prove they belonged. Michigan emerged as the winner of its pool, shutting out Texas State and Colorado State 2-0 last Thursday. Senior forward Kaitlyn Sargent scored Michigan’s most impressive goal of the tournament — a beautiful header off a cross in the first half of the game against Colorado State.

The two victories propelled the Wolverines into the Sweet 16, where they beat Virginia Tech, 5-1, in their most dominant performance of the year.

“During the season, I would not have been confident in our ability to score, but during Nationals, scoring came with ease,” Miller said. “Everyone’s goals seemed to effortlessly slide past the opposing goalkeeper.”

After three convincing wins over formidable opponents, Michigan proved its at-large bid was well deserved. The Wovlerines headed into their Elite Eight contest against UC-Santa Barbara brimming with confidence.

Although both teams had numerous scoring opportunities, the Wolverines failed to convert when it mattered. Their postseason run ended at three games, as Michigan fell, 4-0, to the eventual National Champion Gauchos.

“The loss is a little less painful knowing that they won the tournament, but at the same time it’s tough to deal with knowing that they are beatable,” Carlson said.

But it’s not as if the Wolverines needed such a tough loss to keep them motivated during the offseason. Judging from their past behavior, they won’t be sitting around very long anyway.

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