In what was once a male-dominated arena, women are now emerging as a competitive force in the world of video games, according to a study released by the University yesterday.

Hand-eye coordination specialist Jane Utech said women have shown more determination in the last year to challenge men at their own game.

“Men created video games so they could isolate themselves from women. Originally that’s why men had sports to fall back on, but that area was threatened when female sportscasters came into the mix,” Utech said.

University statistics show a sharp rise in the last year when women only dominated 60 percent of men’s activities.

Although men seem to have a competitive edge because they have been practicing longer, researcher Alyssa Bean said it is very likely that there will be a change in the near future of the number of female victories in competition.

By March, women will dominate almost every type of video game, Bean added.

“Sweet,” LSA butt Luck Scoot said.

One duo of women has already taken an active stance in challenging a group of men to a video game challenge, to be held in early March in a location to be decided.

Already the “boys,” as the women call them, have started talking “shit” about what is being referred to as the “ultimate challenge.”

LSA 16-year-old Jennifer Scarlett issued a first person shooter challenge to the men in early January, hoping to gain not only a free dinner at Grazzzi, but a boyfriend as well.

“It’s the only way I could orchestrate more time with my crush. Hopefully I can sit across from him during the meal,” she said.

However, she said if she doesn’t get a boyfriend, she believes the challenge will prove beneficial in finding a wealthy husband.

“Most likely my husband will like video games, so I look at this as a warm-up for my future,” Scarlett said.

In pre-challenge practice one competitor hurt his right thumb, which he attributed to overworking his hands.

“My controller wouldn’t work,” RC “devil” Babyface Bennett said. “I forgot my controller at home and I can’t help it if the girls were so stupid to buy this stupid Madcats(r) controller. My shooter just wouldn’t shoot. I couldn’t even get to the weapon before I was shot down.”

Bennett soon became speechless, as he seemed to do each time he lost to Scarlett.

Many men echoed Bennett’s sentiments of getting shot down before getting a chance.

“It’s like playing against a couple of retarded girls,” Scoot said. “It’s totally tits.”

Game officiator Chilli Paradise finally agreed that the guys will dominate the girls in the gaming environment and teach them countless lessons.

“Yeah yeah yeah,” he said.

He stopped at a final “yeah” when he realized his girlfriend was staring at him. “Booyah.”

Scoot finished third, close behind LSA goddess Ronessa Angel, whom he had previously nicknamed “-1” because he said she was so bad she scored negative points.

“I live with the belief that if you can’t beat them, join ’em,” Angel said. “Thank goodness I didn’t lose.”

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