A woman walking alone in a dimly lit area Tuesday evening fell
victim to what the Ann Arbor Police Department described as
“a rare incident” when she was overtaken by a man who
snatched her purse and ran away.

AAPD Sgt. Pat Ouellette said the 21-year-old woman’s purse
was stolen on the 700 block of South Division Street at about 7
p.m. on Tuesday.

Ouellette said the woman was transported to the University
Hospital emergency room. “The momentum caused her to fall to
the ground,” he said.

The woman sustained a minor bump on the back of her head from
the fall, Ouellette added.

Although AAPD is investigating the incident, Ouellette said
there were no witnesses and currently no suspects.

Ouellette said the victim didn’t get a good look at the
thief, who approached her from behind. But Ouellette said the thief
was male and added that the thief was about 5’10”,
wearing a dark blue spring jacket and a baseball hat.

“She heard footsteps behind her, and the guy grabbed her
purse that was around her arm and kept running,” Ouellette

The woman had a cell phone and a wallet in her purse, Ouellette

The Department of Public Safety, the college police force, urges
students to be careful when walking alone at night. In the Campus
Safety Handbook, DPS highlights free nighttime transportation
services for students, such as SAFE Walk, which provides rides for
trips exceeding a 20-minute walk or one-mile driving distance.

Students are also encouraged to walk in well-lit areas and
advised to keep purses and backpacks securely held against the


Staying Safe

How to protect yourself

Walk in well-lit areas

Don’t walk alone — walk with friends

Use campus safety resources such as SAFE Walk and campus safety

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