The alleged victim of a reported sexual assault at the Sigma
Alpha Epsilon fraternity house said yesterday the act in question
was consensual and she does not intend to press charges.

The Ann Arbor Police Department could not confirm yesterday
whether the investigation into the incident, which reportedly
occurred last Friday, had been stopped. Detectives assigned to the
case could not be reached for comment.

The female student, who chose to remain anonymous, said she had
not talked to the AAPD since the original interview after the
incident. The police spoke with her Saturday morning.

SAE President Dustin Nelson initially said the alleged victim
told the AAPD yesterday that the act was consensual. When later
told that the alleged victim had not spoken with the AAPD, Nelson
said a fraternity member who was a friend of one of the alleged
victim’s friends had given him the information.

“From what I understand there was complete consent between
the two individuals involved,” Nelson added.

Police officers reported Monday that the alleged victim did not
remember the details of the incident.

In an interview yesterday, the woman refuted some details of the
police report.

“The truth is that we snuck into the party, and SAE was
not responsible for anything that happened that night,” she
said. The police had reported that the woman and her friends were
allowed into an unregistered party although they were not on the
guest list.

She also said her friend — whom police said had been
pulled out of the room where the incident took place — had
not been physically removed from the room upon finding her.
“The person just shut the door in front of her and
didn’t let her enter,” she said.

“I do not approve of (SAE) being kicked off campus because
of this event,” she added.

Nelson said SAE members have cooperated with AAPD detectives,
and plan to continue doing so.

“We take this very seriously and it’s not a
reflection on who we are as a group of brothers,” he

Nelson added that the SAE member involved in the incident was a

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