Opportunity knocked for the Michigan men”s tennis team this past weekend opportunity for the team to measure its mettle against competitive programs Tulane and Depaul.

With a pair of gritty 4-3 wins against the Green Wave and the Blue Demons, the Wolverines showed considerable poise.

“These are the kind of matches that teach you about yourselves,” assistant coach Dan Goldberg said.

Embodying the Wolverines” resiliency was junior Danny McCain. The Michigan junior came up with three key victories over the weekend.

With substantial returning talent from last year”s top-25 team, the Wolverines feel they have the potential to make some noise in the Big Ten and the nation this season.

“There”s no reason we can”t go undefeated this season,” sophomore Chris Shaya said. “Not to put added pressure on us or anything, but we should be able to win four-out-of-seven points against any team.”

If this weekend”s matches are any indication, added pressure may not be too much of a concern.

The Wolverines won two-out-of-three doubles matches yesterday against the Blue Demons, but disappointing singles losses by co-captains Henry Beam and Greg Novak put the team in a hole.

Shaya blazed through Depaul”s Dan Bennett in his opening singles set, thumping the Blue Demons 6-0 in the first and third sets.

This all served to set the stage for McCain”s remarkable comeback victory against DePaul”s Maciek Joswiak.

With each team claiming three-out-of-seven points, the spotlight shifted to McCain and Joswiak, with Joswiak up 5-3 and serving for match point.

McCain didn”t flinch, winning the point with a well-placed shot so well-placed that it caused quite a controversy among Depaul coaches and players. Once the Michigan junior weathered the match point, his confidence became evident.

He then doggedly brought the second set to a tie breaker, winning it 7-6 (2).

“I didn”t have any doubt in my mind at that point that I”d win at least that set,” McCain said.

Seeming to thrive off of the pressure and the growing excitement of the crowd, McCain grew stronger as the match went on, frustrating Joswiak with a methodical arsenal of well-placed serves and precise net play.

He decided the contest for Michigan with a 6-3 final set and a swell of applause.

So far, Shaya is right the Wolverines have been able to take at least four out of seven points against every team they have faced in this young season.

But they had to scratch and claw for the final points against Tulane and Depaul.

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