In less than two weeks, undergraduate students will begin the process of registering for classes for the winter 2002 semester. To aid this process, many changes have recently been made to improve the Wolverine Access system.

Aside from a new graphic appearance, students can look for the pre-registration “backpack,” which acts as a virtual shopping cart, allowing students to build a proposed class schedule before registration appointments.

“This is an enhancement that students agreed would be a good one to roll out at this time,” said Linda Green, communication coordinator for Michigan Administrative Information Services. “If students use the demo, they will find using the backpack very easy.”

The Wolverine Access system will check the registration status of the classes in a student”s backpack upon login, but it does not note whether one is actually eligible to register for a class, nor does it indicate whether any of the selected classes pose a time conflict for the student.

Green said it is very important for students to “understand that putting classes into the backpack does not register them for those classes.”

However, after their designated registration times, students will be able to register for classes already placed in their individual backpacks.

In addition to the backpack, Wolverine Access can now also be used to view how much one has borrowed to date from student loan programs.

Green also said that students can expect registration to be a more expedient process due to the increased speed of the system.

She noted that for the fall 2000 semester, during the first week of classes, more than 18,000 transactions involving 5,270 students were handled by the system, resulting in many slowdowns and outages. For the same period in the current semester, more than 17,000 transactions involving 5,274 students were handled and the system experienced no showed no strains due to the heavy traffic.

Despite the fact that many students have called for Wolverine Access to post more information about distribution requirements, Green said there are currently no plans to put such functions in place.

“It”s a great idea and it”s something we might look into, but it”s not on our enhancement schedule right now,” she said.

Most students met the new additions to Wolverine Access with approval.

“I”ve used the backpack and I think it makes registration much easier,” said LSA sophomore Libby Rosenbaum. “It”s easier because everything is on one screen, so you don”t have to check to see if each individual class is open or closed.”

RC sophomore Nandi Cohen said she was pleased with the changes as well.

“Of course it sounds better, but I haven”t registered yet, so I won”t know what happens until December 3,” Cohen said. “But I am glad that they”ve taken the time to make the adjustments and I”m ready to see how it works.”

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