Wolverine Access was open for business yesterday after hundreds of students spent Tuesday waiting in line to register for their winter classes in person.

Errors in the online registration system, which ran so slowly Monday and Tuesday that many students could not log on, were fixed Tuesday night, making any long waits whether in line or online unnecessary.

“By around 4:00 it was taking 20 minutes to register for one class,” said Associate Registrar Kortney Briske, referring to the in-person scheduling on Tuesday.

The backpack feature, allowing students to compile a list of the courses they would like to take before their enrollment date, became operational again yesterday as well.

The feature was suspended Monday in an effort to cut down on system use during the slowdown.

The problems were due to a database error, which caused problems for the University staff helping with registration and students who tried to use Wolverine Access, Briske said.

As for in-person registration, the large numbers of students registering with a small workforce at the LSA Building added to the slow processing speed there, he added.

“It was complicated and confusing and the activities in the Media Union and Angell Hall were better. If we need to do this again, maybe the answer is we don”t do it in LSA,” Briske said.

“We are training some people so if this happens again we can have more bodies.”

Only 30 University employees were on hand by the end of Tuesday to enroll students.

Briske said that despite problems with Wolverine Access, returning to the telephone system online registration replaced last fall is not feasible.

“Going back to the old CRISP system is not going to happen,” he said

LSA senior Matt Macklin said he found it easy to register on Wolverine Access yesterday.

“I was expecting it to be slow but it wasn”t. It only took me about 25 minutes,” he said.

Ryan Verhey-Henke, a senior in the College of Engineering, had a much more difficult time scheduling the day before, spending three to four fruitless hours on Wolverine Access before going to the Media Union, where he waited in line for an hour.

Nevertheless, Verhey-Henke said his experience was not a bad one when he actually began registration.

“It went smooth once I was at the computer terminal talking to somebody. It wasn”t that bad,” he said.

Music senior David Neely was able to schedule his classes Tuesday despite the slowdown.

“I got on at like 7:05 yesterday morning. I had the backpack set up so I just went through and registered,” he said.

The backpack, which he had already prepared, allowed him to register in approximately five minutes.

“It allowed me to get on and out of the system quickly,” Neely said.

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