The latest version of The Michigan Daily website uses web standards to offer a complete, cross-platform and user-friendly solution to viewers of The Michigan Daily website.


What are web standards, and why are they being used?

Web standards is a general term for a series of web layout code frameworks that are approved by the World Wide Web Consortium, a group that exists to promote Internet accessibility and usability. This consortium publishes certain standards for web technologies. In utilizing web standards, our viewers are assured that their experience stays the same on any computer with a standards-compliant browser and offers the user confidence that the site will continue to look the same as technology progresses in the future.


What impact does this have on me as a reader of The Michigan Daily?

Most likely, there is virtually no impact aside from the fact that you can view a new layout. For some TMD users using older web browsers, such as Netscape Navigator, they will have to upgrade to take full advantage of the site’s functionality. Older browsers do not support web standards, and therefore will run into increasing amounts of trouble as technology progresses. People using old browsers are currently redirected to a slimmed-down version of The Michigan Daily website; in the future, these browsers will not be supported by The Michigan Daily Online at all.


I want to make sure that my browser is Web Standards compliant. How do I check?

If you are running the latest version of Mozilla, Firefox, Flock, Opera, or Safari, your browser is standards-compliant. If you are using an older version of one of these browsers (Opera 5 or less; Mozilla 4 or less,) you need to upgrade. All the web browsers listed above are free. Firefox is highly recommended.

If you are using Internet Explorer on Mac OS 9 or Mac OS X, Internet Explorer 5 or less on Windows, Netscape Navigator, Netscape Communicator, Netscape 6, NeoPlanet, or Opera 4, your browser is not standards compliant.. You need to upgrade to a new browser to view The Michigan Daily site in its entirety. If you are running Mac OS X, Linux, or Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista, it is highly recommended that you download, install, and use the Firefox web browser.. If you have an older Mac that runs Mac OS 8 or 9, you may get a version of Mozilla that will be standards-compliant from Mozilla’s FTP service.


What if I don’t upgrade?

If you do not wish to upgrade, you will still be able to view The Michigan Daily website, although its design will be simplified to its core elements. In future designs, however, The Michigan Daily will not support a non-standards-compliant browser. This may lead to you being unable to access The Michigan Daily’s online content in an easy fashion. It is extremely easy to upgrade and you may contact Eston Bond, Managing Online Editor, at if you wish to receive instructions on how to upgrade to a standards-compliant browser.


I’m a web standards geek. What exactly are you guys doing in this new design?

This template uses XHTML 1.0, HTML 4.01 for old browsers, CSS 2.0, JavaScript, and Flash. Our rich typography is done using Flash and JavaScript in a package by Mike Davidson and Mark Wubben called SiFR. If you wish to comment on the Daily’s web design or development direction, or wish to gain further insight into our design practices, feel free to e-mail Eston Bond, Managing Online Editor, at

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