As with any new coach, Tommy Amaker has gotten his share of praise and criticism. Here is what various people have to say about Michigan”s new man in charge:

2002-03 Recruit Daniel Horton in the Detroit News: “Some people are saying, “Michigan isn”t going to win for another four or five years,” but I feel Michigan is on the rise again because Coach Amaker is there. He”s a great recruiter he”s going to get players.”

Jerry Izenberg of the Newark Star-Ledger told the Detroit Free Press: “Candor isn”t one of his strong suits He is not a guy you can dislike. He does, indeed, have charm and wit. But he also has a frightening tendency to turn into a cardboard man at the slightest sign of a crisis.”

Northwestern coach Bill Carmody: “I just know he is a real great guy. I think he does what it takes to have a real good team. They have a very good school with great tradition. I think he”ll be able to attract some good people there. He already has some pretty good players there.”

Adrian Wojnarowski of the Bergen Record told the Detroit Free Press: “He leaves Seton Hall messily, unfinished, and amazingly, he leaves it in worse shape than he inherited it four years ago In his heart, this was wrong. All wrong. And deep down, Amaker knows it.”

Purdue Coach Gene Keady:

“He”s a class act and after his pedigree with Coach K he”s already a step ahead.”

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