It was parents weekend for the men’s soccer team this weekend
and moms from all over the country came to watch their sons play
against Wisconsin. The Michigan Daily wondered if these women fit
the role of “soccer moms?”

Mrs. Turpin (mother of junior forward Mychal Turpin, from

Q: Do you feel you fit the stereotypical image of a soccer

A: We killed two vans – we had two minivans and we drove back
and forth between practices. We would eat in the car sometimes. So
yeah, I guess I am a soccer mom.

Q: What’s Mychal’s best quality?

A: Mychal’s very humble. I think a lot of times people get upset
because he doesn’t celebrate enough, but I think he celebrates from
within. I’m proud of him in that respect.

Mychal Turpin

What do you miss most about have your mom around?

Of course I miss her cooking, but mostly just her being

What’s the best thing your mom cooks?

Mac and cheese

Mrs. Blanks (mother of freshman forward Trai Blanks, from Ann

Do you think you’re a soccer mom?

Probably. But I have NO minivan and I DO have a job so I don’t
fit in that way.

Time when Trai embarrassed her:

Two weekends ago we had a tailgate, and in front of all the
other soccer guys, he said, ‘I love my mom,’ and I was so
embarrassed. But everybody else laughed.

Trai Blanks

Why do you love your mom so much?

She gave birth to me. Oh, and she gives me money.

Mrs. Niemeyer (mother of junior defender Matt Niemeyer, from
St. Louis)

What do you miss about having Matt at home?

I miss watching the games. Because we live in St. Louis, I can’t
get here most of the time. Today was very special – I love watching
him play in Ann Arbor.

Funny soccer memory of Matt:

The very first time he ever played soccer – he was in
kindergarten – here we are on the sidelines and our kid takes the
ball, runs down the field with it by himself, kicks it (the ball ),
stops right before the goalline and he stands there and looks at
it. He never scored. He didn’t walk up and kick it, and the
goalkeeper just sat there and looked at it. The ref blew the
whistle and that was it. That was his debut in soccer.

Matt Niemeyer

Matt’s response to the story:

That’s why I’m a defender – it’s not my job (to score).

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