Oh yeah – “Theodore Rex,” “Sister Act 2,”
reviving the vile “Hollywood Squares” and introducing America at
large to Bruce Vilanch.

Relax Whoop-ster, you’re in good company. Plenty of
once-successful film stars have gone groveling back to the boob
tube. Yes, sad as it sounds for every Martin Sheen there’s a …
well, Charlie Sheen. Here’s the best of the downward spirals.

Alicia Silverstone The “Clueless” star once seemed like a
lock for the big time, but has been reduced to shilling for NBC
with “Miss Match.”

Geena Davis Pirate movies and archery limited Davis’
screen time, but the former movie maven really drove a stake
through the heart of her career when her sitcom bombed on ABC.

Martin Short His self-titled show tried to mix sketch and
sitcom formats with uneven results. In all fairness, “Primetime
Glick” has been much better received.

Chevy Chase So you don’t think ya need “SNL,” eh Chev?
The extremely short-lived talk show “The Chevy Chase Show” proved
that “Fletch Lives” was a misnomer.

Charlie Sheen It hurts our heads to think back to a time
when Ma-Sheen was a big box-office draw, but he sure drove “Spin
City” right into the ground. Not having learned his lesson, Charlie
comes back on this season with “Two and a Half Men.” AHHH!!

Dan Aykroyd The man who brought us “Ghostbusters” and
“Trading Places” succumbed to television’s seductive allure when he
made ABC’s “Soul Man” about a motorcycle-riding man of the cloth.
Guess God didn’t like it either.

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