Let the affirmative action games begin. In light of Proposal 2’s passage, the University will be racing against falling minority enrollment, sprinting to its attorneys’ offices and vaulting into the spotlight in the fight to preserve a diverse student body. The University faces some serious questions now: Is the administration willing to litigate the issue again and fight for the “educational value of diversity” all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court? And how can we keep minority enrollment from plummeting like it did in California where a similar ballot initiative passed?

Angela Cesere

The questions continue: How can the University remain a leader in academic diversity? How can students of all races and ethnicities continue to work, live and play together on this campus and learn from each other, both in and outside the classroom?”

Wait a moment. That doesn’t sound quite right. The University’s brochures and website may depict students of all colors studying on the Diag together – my acceptance packet three years ago even included an image of colorful students lying on their backs in the clich

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