Trey Parker and Matt Stone have been offending people across this great nation from the moment they hit the big time back in August of 1997 with their animated foul-mouthed cartoon, “South Park.” The two attempt to repeat history with their new sitcom, “That”s My Bush!,” a comical look at what really goes on in the White House (at least in the minds of Parker and Stone) with our beloved George W.

Paul Wong
Parker and Stone hope for another success in “”That”s My Bush!””<br><br>Courtesy of Comedy Central

Kudos to those in the casting department for finding Timothy Bottoms, a man who incorporates all the nuisances of George, right down to that devious smirk. The rest of the cast features a laundry list of no names anyone ever heard of Carrie Quinn Dolin (Laura Bush)? The gifted Kristen Miller plays Princess, the endowed assistant to the president. This is her most satisfying performance since “USA High.” Then we have Kurt Fuller, best known for his harrowing role as the sheriff in last year”s box office smash “Scary Movie.” He will play the frustrated advisor to the president. While the actors may not be Oscar-worthy, the writing more than makes up for it.

The premiere episode, entitled “An Aborted Dinner Date,” sets the tone for what audiences can expect from the new series. In the debut episode, Laura is introduced as the typical first lady. Within minutes, however, the stereotype vanishes as she reveals herself to be a sex-crazed woman looking for a little private time with her husband.

George refers to himself as a “pussy” and decides to have dinner with her to make up for lost time. Chaos ensues after the President books a dinner with the leaders of the pro-life and the pro-choice movements for the same night. I almost forgot, the leader of the Pro-Life movement is an aborted fetus. Yes, an aborted fetus.

While the situations resemble those of classic sitcoms, the team of Parker and Stone are as loathsome as ever. “That”s My Bush!” will undoubtedly come under harsh criticism for the controversial images in the premiere episode alone.

The writing is clever and downright hilarious at times, although it will probably be most enjoyed by the devoted followers of “South Park.” Parker and Stone have managed to create a television show that not only pokes fun at the President himself, but also the dozens of asinine sitcoms on network TV.

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