Since Beyoncé lit up the Big House last weekend with a hearty “Go Blue,” the University has received another round of big-name accolades.

Last Friday, the White House Office of Science and Technology dedicated a lengthy blog post to the University’s recent emphasis on entrepreneurship, jumpstarted last year by former Central Student Government President Manish Parikh.

The post — written by a White House intern — pointed out multiple University groups, such as the Center for Entrepreneurship, that were inspired by President Barack Obama’s proclamation of a “National Entrepreneurship Month” last year. The White House specifically mentioned the University’s first-ever Month of Entrepreneurship, which included 30 innovation-themed events last April.

“The original goal of the Month was to bring interesting entrepreneurs together, but it grew into more than that — it started a dialogue about entrepreneurship on campus,” Parikh said in the question-and-answer post.

MHacks, the University-hosted hackathon, was also featured in the blog, and, like Beyoncé’s video greeting, will also take over the Big House next week. The second annual event is the largest of its kind and will draw more than 1,200 computer programmers and innovators to Michigan Stadium’s luxury suites on Sept. 20 as the largest college hackathon in the country.

In an e-mail interview with The Michigan Daily, Parikh said he and his colleagues working on the Month of Entrepreneurship reached out to the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy about five months ago to share the initiatives they had been piloting. Two weeks ago, the White House contacted Parikh for an interview and said they would be interested in featuring the University’s campus-wide entrepreneurial efforts.

The Office of Science and Technology Policy was created in 1976 to advise the Executive Office of the President on the impacts of science and technology on domestic and international affairs.

Parikh noted that the University’s Month of Entrepreneurship directly aligns with Obama’s core missions related to innovation.

“Michigan has among the most diverse, robust and interdisciplinary entrepreneurial programs in the nation,” Parikh said. “Over the past year, student-driven entrepreneurship has grown to unprecedented levels. The Obama administration has really inspired today’s youth to be the torchbearers of a more entrepreneurial and innovative America.”

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