Following the announcement of University Chief Financial Officer Robert Kasdin’s resignation in April, interim President B. Joseph White has created an executive committee to coordinate the activities of the five offices not permanently filled.

The Finance and Capital Projects Committee will be composed of various senior officials from each of the affected University offices and will help to coordinate the finances of the University’s schools and colleges.

“The purpose is to make sure we are keeping all finances and capital projects on track across the entire University,” White said.

The committee will include interim Provost Paul Courant and former interim Provost and University Secretary Lisa Tedesco. Tedesco stepped down last semester from her position as interim Provost because she wanted to devote herself to her position as University secretary. The ongoing presidential search preempted the completion of a search for a permanent provost.

Also included on the committee are Associate Vice President for Finance Tim Slottow and Associate Vice President for Facilities and Operations Hank Baier. Both formerly reported to Kasdin, but will work directly for the president until a permanent CFO can be named.

Associate Vice President for Health System Finance Doug Strong will represent the medical center as Vice President of Medical Affairs Gil Omenn steps down in July to pursue research interests.

Executive assistant to the chief financial Officer Sue Burnett will join White to round out the committee.

White said he is not worried about the lack of permanent officers at high levels of the University because they have primary impact on the long term projects of the University.

“In some ways the higher the level of office, the less effect a person has on day to day operations,” he said.

White said he is comfortable with the current situation, but he has not yet decided whether an interim chief financial officer will be selected. For now, the committee will serve to make sure finances are in shape.

A permanent replacement for Kasdin will not be selected until after a permanent president is named, which White suspects should be done by July 1.

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