Interim University President B. Joseph White will test his legs tomorrow at the first University Board of Regents meeting since he took over the helm of the University administration on New Year”s Day.

“This is my first meeting so I will be like the new kid out on the ice rink trying out my skates,” White said.

The agenda will include the appointment of Paul Courant as the new interim provost, a review of construction projects and a vote on a $1 million addition to the Bentley Historical Library.

White said he has thoroughly reviewed the procedures involved with heading the meeting and is more than ready for the event.

“I”ve read the book inside-out, gone three times over the agenda with Lisa Tedesco,” said White. “I think everyone here thinks I”m over-preparing.”

The regents are expected to appoint Courant as interim provost. Courant will officially take over the position held by University Secretary Lisa Tedesco, who requested in November to return to her position as secretary on a full-time basis in order to concentrate on the presidential search.

Courant, who has been acting as interim provost since Jan. 1, said he is enjoying the job but cannot say at this time if he will consider being a candidate for the permanent position.

“I have a job to do for the time being. I am certainly enjoying the work but many things can and will happen between now and when that become a relevant question,” he said.

For now, Courant said his mission is to sustain the University”s momentum and uphold its long tradition of excellence.

“You always want to leave a job with the place in better shape than when you got there,” Courant said.

White said he has been working closely with Courant since November and is confident that Courant”s previous experiences will ease his transition from associate provost for academic and budgetary affairs to interim provost.

“We are only new guys to these jobs. I think between the two of use we have like 50 year of experience,” said White. “The teamwork between us is going extremely well.”

University spokeswoman Julie Peterson said she is not aware that the Presidential Search Committee will make any announcements at tomorrow”s meeting concerning the vacancy left by Bollinger, who stepped down Dec. 31.

Regent Olivia Maynard (D-Goodrich) said the regents will have a closed meeting with the Presidential Search Advisory Committee tomorrow morning to discuss the search for the next University president.

“I think there is a plan this week for the regents to get together with the advisory committee for the first time,” said Regent David Brandon (R-Ann Arbor). “That will be an important step forward.”

The regents are also going to vote on an addition to the Bentley Historical Library, which houses historical records on the state of Michigan. The addition will add 53,000 linear feet of shelving and cost an estimated $1 million.

“For quite a while we”ve been running out of space for historical University records,” said Bentley Library Associate Director Bill Wallach. “I don”t have any way of knowing how the regents will vote, but we are hopeful.”

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