Finally! We were worried it’d never happen, but it did.
Coach & Four Barber Shop’s Jerry Erickson hoped to keep
the Ann Arbor celebrities’ impressive run going, but
struggled mightily. His pitiful 5-10 is the worst performance so
far this season. Maybe instead of sharpening ice skates, he should
sharpen a pencil or two and do some homework.

Janna Hutz

Thanks to his second consecutive strong week, Gennaro Filice has
suddenly taken a commanding lead. Unfortunately, this now means
that the other three football writers are being subjected to a
nonstop onslaught of collar-popping by ‘G’ Thang.

Meanwhile, Chris Burke has been crying since Gabe Watson
registered a sack, jumped up and down for at least a minute, but
never pointed to the press box. Gabe, come on. Nobody will

Thanks for Florida’s collapse and Texas’s ineptness,
Sharad Mattu did poorly for the first time this week, and Bob Hunt
is too preoccupied with the upcoming Daily/State News football game
to give a damn about his picks.

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