While this year’s Best of Ann Arbor survey covered critical categories to find out the city’s best of everything, there were certain categories that were inappropriately left out. Here is my attempt to cover all the bases.

Best soup: Le Dog

Best non-Zingerman Corp. deli: Amer’s

Best multi-tap: Ashely’s Pub

Best cheap beer: Del Rio

Best cheap bar food: Del Rio

Best Coney Island restaurant: Not Leo’s

Best place for your folks to take you: Chop House, Escoffier (tie)

Best martinis: Bab’s

Best Vietnamese: Saigon Garden

Best Ethiopian: Blue Nile

Best organic brewpub: Leopold’s

Best cold subs: Jimmy John’s

Best hot subs: Pizza Bob’s

Best cheap Middle Eastern food: Jerusalem Garden

Best Middle Eastern Restaurant: Kabob Palace

Best place to feel that you’re wasting your money: Studio 4

Best expensive non-Zingerman Corp. deli sandwich: Maize and Blue

Best botique breakfast: Cafe Zola

Best ‘Hippie Hash’: Fleetwood Diner

Best undiscovered breakfast: Frank’s

Best vegan: Earthen Jar

Best place for late night munchies before going back to Markley: Panchero’s

Best place for late night munchies before going back to East Quad: In and Out, Bella Napoli (tie)

Best pizza slice you really think you should have but you’re just drunk: In and Out

Best place for indigestion: Hong Kong Inn

Best place that only feebs think is A2’s best restaurant: Gandy Dancer

Best place to mis-use MSA funds: University Club

Best place to get pissed off at the service: Michigan Union Subway, Pierpont Commons McDonald’s (tie)

Best place to run into Regent Dan Horning (R-Grand Haven) and his drinking buddies: Ashley’s Pub

Best place to smoke a cigar: La Dolce Vita

Best place to purchase cigars and tobacco: Masion Edward

Best sidewalk hot dog vendor: Beiner’s Weiners

Best hot dogs around: Yesterdog

Best coffee special: Double Punch Tuesday’s at Espresso Royale

Best place to read The New York Times every morning: Espresso Royale on State Street

Best pizza delivery: Cottage Inn

Best late night pizza special: Cottage Inn’s Late Night special, Bella Napoli’s 94 cent slice (tie)

Best place to run into University officials during the lunch hour: University Club

Best place to run into University officials during dinner: The Earle

Best satellite campus: Dearborn

Best place to Eat Chef Jan’s fine cuisine: ChinaGate

Best place for drunk sorority girls to flirt and practice Spanish: Panchero’s

Best place to find Michigan Review editors steal food: Any Chinese buffet on Stadium Boulevard.

Best vegetable tempura: Hinodae

Best Northern Italian food: Bella Ciao

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