The University is divided in two. Most students live, study and work on Central Campus. But an oft forgotten minority of students ends up on the other side of the Huron River, on North Campus.

Many of these students are commuters. That is, they merely sleep in their dorm rooms up north, while they attend classes and social events down south. On weekdays, the bus system is more than adequate in providing transportation for these students, with three different routes each running every ten minutes starting at 7 a.m. With this system, a student catching the bus at Bursley Residence Hall might actually make it to Mason Hall quicker than another student leaving at the same time from Markley Residence Hall.

The weekends, however, are a different story. The weekend bus service replaces the weekday routes with the all-encompassing North Campus bus. This bus does not run every ten minutes. Instead of twenty individual buses running simultaneously on different routes, there are two, which each have 40 minutes to do one route that can take up to 55 minutes.

Transportation officials need to rethink their current approach if North Campus and its residents are ever to become a more integrated, positive part of the University. A bussing change can do a lot.

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