Scot Loeffler obviously likes a challenge. But really? This much of a challenge?

If he thought turning a lanky, awkward John Navarre into a first-team All Big Ten performer was a tough task (it was, and he did), then he might not realize what he’s in for next.

Loeffler, Michigan’s former quarterbacks coach, is headed to the Detroit Lions to take the same position.

Yes, those Detroit Lions.

Loeffler jumps ship from the state’s most successful football team to its biggest laughingstock.

Sure, the Lions are in the NFL, but that doesn’t mean they play professional ball.

Instead of continuing the “Quarterback U” tradition at Michigan, he’s now faced with the task of turning Jon Kitna into a star and developing a mediocre Drew Stanton into a franchise player.

From Quarterback U to Quarterback No Thank You. Good luck, Scot.

But if someone’s up for the task, it’s Loeffler. Don’t take his firing from Michigan as an indication of his coaching ability. He was released because he didn’t match Rich Rodriguez’s system, not because of any coaching incompetence (I’ll take the high road and not make a Mike DeBord joke here). Tennessee and Alabama both pursued Loeffler to be their next offensive coordinator. So yes, he’s a hot commodity.

Loeffler has landed on his feet. Good for him. He deserves it. So has former defensive coordinator Ron English, who took the same position at Louisville right after the Capital One Bowl. And Rodriguez rehired running backs coach Fred Jackson. But what about the other six members of Lloyd Carr’s staff? Where should they go? I may not have insider information, but I do have some suggestions for Lloyd Carr’s right-hand men.

Former secondary coach Vance Bedford: Bedford was Carr’s first hire in 1995 and his final one when Carr brought him back into the fold last year. His next destination is a no-brainer. Carr, now an associate athletic director, can hire Bedford as his secretary. Decaf, please.

Former defensive line coach Steve Stripling: Stripling, the next coach in line to be rehired by Rodriguez, needs to keep coaching. For the sake of Michigan fans, hopefully it’s somewhere outside the Big Ten. That is, of course, unless it’s in Ann Arbor. I’m pretty sure the Wolverines would appreciate not having to deal with mini-LaMarr Woodleys and Brandon Grahams.

Former linebackers coach Steve Szabo: Szabo, the gritty 65-year-old coaching veteran who called the spread offense a form of “communist football,” is a likely candidate to start a spinoff of McCarthyism. That’s right, Szaboism – the practice of hunting down creative offensive minds and having them turn back the clock a few centuries – is about to spread throughout the United States. His first target: the man who fired him.

Former offensive line coach Andy Moeller: Moeller, who was pulled over for DUI a couple months ago and whose dad lost his head coaching job at Michigan because of a drunken incident, should drop coaching and look into joining another field: motivational speaking. He can tour the country with his dad, Larry Eustachy and Joe Cullen on the “How to let alcohol ruin any credibility you have” tour.

Former wide receivers coach Erik ‘Soup’ Campbell: Where should Campbell go next? How about to court? It’s a travesty that possibly the nation’s best wide receivers coach can’t be retained at Michigan. The man responsible for developing Braylon Edwards, David Terrell, Mario Manningham, Jason Avant, Marquis Walker and Adrian Arrington can’t have a job here? He has to have some legal grievance.

Former offensive coordinator Mike DeBord: Sorry, Mike. I took the high road earlier, but you’re fair game now. Your destination is an unexpected one: Ypsilanti’s very own Déj

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