Throughout this week, the 17 student groups comprising the University Activities Center are blitzing campus sites with surprise performances and events, despite the groups” recent concerns over internal finances.

Paul Wong
LSA seniors Jen Frink, Eva Frazee and Alissa Newman, LSA junior Alicia Gimenez, LSA freshman Julia Milne and LSA senior Laura Navarra dance yesterday in the Michigan Union Ballroom as part of “UAC Attack.” They are one of 17 student groups trying to arous

The “UAC Attack” is part of a greater UAC initiative to increase name recognition for the group, which has been expanding its programming substantially over the past year.

UAC is an umbrella programming organization formed to consolidate the interests of student-run activities and host theater, dance, comedy, debate and film performances. It includes Amazin” Blue, Comedy Company, and the Michigan Pops Orchestra.

“We”re operating on a higher level and with more committees than ever,” LSA Senior and UAC President Jordan Litwin said of the expansion.

But the changes have not come without growing pains. For years, the organization has operated with a year-end budget surplus to guard against low return income, but liberal budget spending has now forced the organization to reassess the individual finances of the member committees.

In a meeting held Monday, UAC announced widespread budget cuts to the organization”s groups in an attempt to pull its year-end financial projections from the red.

The cuts were an internal decision to impose fiscal discipline on the organization, with the goal of preserving UAC”s long-term viability. Each committee budget is to be cut by at least 7 percent, though some committees will see more drastic reductions.

UAC Vice President of Finance Jason Wedlick stressed that the cuts were relatively minor in nature, and had come as a result of the organization”s expansion.

“UAC is increasingly active this year,” said Wedlick, an LSA senior. “We have committees that are around for the first time, and others that have become more active.”

Some committee chairs have had a less positive reaction to the cuts.

Kinesiology senior Jeffrey Wank, committee chair for UAC”s Comedy Company and Laugh Track, attributed UAC”s budget problems in part to “a misunderstanding of what the budget surplus was,” resulting from “miscommunication last year and in previous years.”

One group, Laugh Track, has been rendered inactive for the duration of the semester.

Despite the cuts, the festivities go on. Clad in fatigues and bearing UAC-labeled gifts, the members of the organization will continue their “attacks” on campus sites, culminating Friday afternoon at a public skate event in Yost Ice Arena.

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