Hollywood shuts down Due to the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington D.C., production on all movies temporarily stopped on Tuesday. According to the Internet Movie Database, films featuring plots involving terrorist activity are being re-examined by film studios. “Collateral Damage,” Arnold Schwarzenegger”s newest film, features a terrorist bomb attack on a skyscraper. The “Spiderman” teaser, which features a helicopter full of bad guys being stranded on a web between the towers of the World Trade Center, has been yanked from the film website.

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D” star Black is a big, big, big star<br><br>Courtesy of Columbia Pictures

Emmy awards put on hold TV Guide reports that the presentation of the prime time Emmy awards, scheduled for this Sunday, are postponed indefinitely due to the tragedy in New York. The Latin Grammys have been cancelled altogether.

VHS days are numbered In what may be the death knell of the home video, home video behemoth Blockbuster has announced that it will cut their video stock by 25 percent. Zap2it.com reports that the expanding DVD rental market is the reason for the change, and that the 25 percent makes up less than 1 percent of Blockbuster”s total revenue. The chain hopes to have this implemented by Christmas, when they can sell DVD players packaged with free rentals. Revenue from DVD rentals has increased an impressive 184 percent over the past year, and 30 percent of Blockbuster”s domestic rental revenue is expected to come from DVDs by the end of the year.

WHOA! Keanu Reeves is finally allowed to say that he had no desire to star in last years surprise flop, “The Watcher.” The Internet Movie Data Base reported the actor never signed a contract, but in fact a friend did in his place. To avoid lawsuit, Reeves did the movie and was under a one year gag order. The “Bill and Ted”s Excellent Adventure” star claimed that he had not found the script very interesting.

Brando booed for babbling 77-year-old method actor Marlon Brando was booed off stage during Micheal Jackson”s 30 year anniversary bash in Madison Square Garden. The Internet Movie Database reports that the Oscar winner talked nonsense for upwards of ten minutes. At one point, Brando removed his watch and told the audience that “In the last minute, 100,000 children have been hacked to death with a machete.”

Dirty Tenacious Deed Humorous folk rockers Jack Black and Kyle Gass have yet to release their first album, but are already involved in controversy. Entertainment Weekly reports that the online video for “Fuck Her Gently” was originally banned from Sony-owned TenaciousD.com. The animated video shows the D duo as angels counciling Satan on how to properly make love. Sony has finally relented and the clip can now be downloaded from the sight.

Did You Know?

In “The Shawshank Redemption,” Tim Robbins extorts money for the corrupt warden under the false name “Russell Stevens.” Robbins also starred in the Robert Altman film “The Player,” which was written by Michael Tolkin. Tolkin also wrote “Deep Cover,” in which Laurence Fishburne plays a character named “Russell Stevens.” Whoa.

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