Jacko needs family support (i.e. cash) – The British music news hounds at NME.com reported that Michael Jackson will be reforming the Jackson 5 with brothers Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Randy for a full reunion tour in the near future. Brother Jermaine told the BBC that an album is likely to be released coinciding with the tour. Far be it for us to ever turn a cynical eye toward anything involving His Paleness, the King of Pop, but we won’t be surprised to see the whole project collapse in a classic display of Jacko insanity.

A high-profile platinum-selling record and a victory-lap tour might help Jackson cast off his financial problems and perpetual inquiries into his personal habits. Or it might simply let the Gloved One take his freak show of a life on the road. Watch for tour dates and falling babies in a town near you.

Driving while under the influence of a recent Oscar nominee – As our friends at the Detroit Free Press dutifully reported, the White Stripes have officially cancelled 16 North American tour dates through mid-August, including the Aug. 10 stop at the Masonic Temple in Detroit and two headlining gigs at the T in the Park and Witnness festivals in Britain (the Flaming Lips are kindly filling in for those shows).

Mr. John Gillis, better known as Jack White of the international blues-rock darlings, suffered a compound fracture of his left finger in a car accident in Detroit on July 9, oddly enough the guitarist’s 28th birthday. White’s new girlfriend, Renee Zellweger, was also in the vechicle when another car ran into them, but Bridget Jones was not injured.

What a baby Jack is. Jerry Garcia played without his middle finger for his entire career!

Ticket-holders can direct questions about refunds to Ticketmaster (248-645-6666) or the point of purchase. Tickets will be honored for new dates.

It shoulda been you, Kelly – According to CNN.com, MTV’s Osbourne family lost a beloved member when Sharon’s black Chihuahua, Lulu, was attacked by coyotes outside the family’s Beverly Hills home.

It wasn’t the first time that an Osbourne dog came under attack from coyotes, however. Earlier this month, their Pomeranian Pipi was attacked, but fortunately Ozzy tore her from the coyotes clutches just in time.

The Osbournes and their reality TV show plan to carry on without Lulu this fall, when filming for the show’s next season begins.

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