‘Godfather’ Part IV a possibility – Jonathan Karp, who was ‘Godfather’ author Mario Puzo’s editor at Random House, has been in negotiations with Puzo’s estate for the rights to the characters in The Godather Trilogy. Zap2it.com reports that Karp is hoping to turn the characters over to someone who can continue to write stories about the famous family.

“We hope that Paramount or some other studio will want to buy the movie rights, and it is our intention to see that happen,” said Karp. This is not the first time that there has been speculation and buzz about the continuation of the mob family saga.

Talk of storylines in the ’30s and the continuation of the Vincent Mancini (Andy Garcia) storyline have been going on for some time.

‘Jackass’ sued by injured woman – Wendy Linden has sued “Jackass” cast member David England, along with MTV and Viacom Inc., over injuries that she suffered while attending a taping of an episode of the canceled MTV series. During the show, England used himself as a “human missile” and knocked over a lectern near Linden, causing knee and spine injuries. Linden claims that she was guaranteed that she would not be touched by any members of the cast. “Jackass: The Movie” comes out this Friday.

Adult Swim to be expanded – The Cartoon Network has announced that it will expand Adult Swim to five nights per week, starting in January. “Futurama” will join the ranks of “Space Ghost,” “Sealab 2021” and “Harvey Birdman, Attourney at Law.”

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