Two films disqualified from Writer”s Guild awards The Writer”s Guild of America decided that “In the Bedroom,” written by Robert Festinger, and “Memento,” written by Christopher Nolan, are not eligible for the 2001 Awards. The Internet Movie Database reports that they were removed from consideration because the studios that produced the films did not sign agreements with the Writer”s Guild and the writers of the movies are not members of the Guild. The decision by the WGA is seen as a bad omen for the films” chances of winning Best Screenplay Oscars at the 2001 Academy Awards.

Tiffany to be featured in Playboy The former teeny-bopper pop star, who is now 30 years old and has a husband and children, will apear in the April issue of the men”s entertainment magazine. CNN reports that Tiffany recently had breast implants and hopes that her appearance in Playboy will help people to realize that she is not a teenager anymore. She said, “I have grown significantly, both personally and professionally, after nearly a decade of raising a family and exploring my craft.”

“Furious” may run without Diesel Two scripts are in the works for a sequel to last years surprise hit “The Fast and the Furious”, one including Vin Diesel”s character from the first film, and one without him. While Diesel is now asking for more than 10 million dollars a picture. reports that Rob Cohen, the film”s director, claims that asking price is not an issue, but that Diesel is just slow in making these sorts of decisions.

Mariah Carey paid 28 million dollars not to make a record Entertainment Weekly has reported that Virgin Records has paid Mariah Carey 28 million dollars to buy out her contract. The singer, who has been suffering various nervous conditions as of late, had one of the most lucrative recording contracts in music today.

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