“BlackHawk Down” under fire for racism Ridley Scott”s film concerning a U.S. military disaster during the Battle of Mogadishu in Somalia in 1993 has come under heavy criticism for its allegedly one sided presentation of the events portrayed in the film. Both Elvis Mitchell of The New York Times and Owen Gleiberman of Entertainment Weekly have raised concerns that the position of the Somalis is not fairly represented.

According to the Internet Movie Database, Producer Jerry Bruckheimer has responded to the accusations of racism by saying “I don”t know if he saw the movie, because the second scene in the picture is a conversation between one of the supporters of Adid, who”s very articulate, very smart, and gives you the Somali point of view.” questions as to whether this controversy will hurt the film”s chances at the Academy Awards by saying “it”s possible,” but he took comfort in the fact that the film has made many critics” top ten lists.

Catherine Zeta-Jones paid $77 million not to get pregnant Zap2it.com reports that the actress , who is married to Michael Douglas, recently signed a nine-picture deal for $77 million that stipulates that the deal is void if she has any more children before 2005. Zeta-Jones” pregnancy during the filming of Steven Soderbergh”s “Traffic” was worked into the plot, but ……… is not anxious to shoot around another pregnancy.

Coen Brothers go commercial The filmmakers have agreed to make a 30 second commercial for H&ampR Block that will run during the SuperBowl. The Internet Movie Database reports that the Beatles” song “Taxman” will be featured in the commercial. The brothers reportedly commented, “We have always been fascinated with the mysteries of the tax code.”

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