Relief – and release – at last. Those too embarrassed or indignant to buy a plain-faced dildo or vibrator no longer have to convert compromising household gadgets into sex toys. (Wonder why your roommate’s electric toothbrush is always missing from the bathroom counter?)

Jessica Boullion

British company Love Labs LLP is selling what it bills as “the music-activated orgasm machine,” the iBuzz.

Retailing for about $60, the vibrating bullet comes with complementary his and hers attachments. The device and its controller plug into any iPod. Whether you get off to Lil’ Wayne or Wayne Shorter, the iBuzz vibrates in time to the beat, and the strength of its vibrations increase with the volume.

In all honesty, it’s a fantastic concept. Most people play a little mood music when they’re ready to get freaky anyway – making the musical aspect interactive is a logical progression, with a partner or solo.

Each new generation of the popular iPod ushers in a rash of third-party iProducts. FM transmitters, iPod cases, dancing robot dogs – it’s not surprising that the sex-toy market has joined the Apple accessories peck – er, pack.

“It seems like they’re making everything with the iPod in mind,” said Beth Karmeisool, owner the Safe Sex Store, an Ann Arbor standby located on South University Avenue.

Other companies have unveiled similarly stimulating gadgets, including another iPod vibrator dubbed the Audi-Oh and a Bluetooth-enabled cellular device that redefines phone sex.

Karmeisool noted that a computer-compatible, egg-shaped vibrator first came out several years ago.

“The (iBuzz) is probably just an adapted one from the computer mechanism,” Karmeisool said. “But I think it’s more gimmicky than practical.”

But she added that S3 would consider selling the sex toy depending on demand, quality of product and pricing.

Until the iBuzz lands in area stores, you can order it online. The iBuzz will ship discretely to your home, and Love Labs’ only advice: “Just plug in and play!”

Plug in where? The manufacturers say it best: Pick your orifice and get ready to get off while you get down.

sex toy

Price: $59.99
Comes with: His/hers attachments
Headphone adapter
Available at: www.ibuzzusa.com

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