In you haven’t heard, controversy has been whirling for years around the renovations to Michigan Stadium, in large part because of the University’s plans to install 85 luxury boxes along the stadium’s sidelines.

The boxes, which will cost as much as $85,000 for a season, will be completed by the 2010 season. But what will the people lucky enough to have these premium seats get for their money?

Each 15-by-27-foot skybox will hold 18 seats. The first two rows will seat six Wolverine fans each on large couches, while the last row will include six backed stools.

Behind the spectator area, fans can congregate in a common area, complete with comfortable couches and two TVs – one mounted on the wall and the other suspended from the ceiling. Each common area will have granite countertops and sinks.

To avoid the long lines at the concession stands, those lucky enough to have a view from the top can also order snacks and drinks from a catering service. Hardcore munchers can pre-order food so it’ll be ready and waiting for them by kickoff.

Ice bins in each luxury suite will keep drinks chilled, although the skyboxes will abide by the stadium’s no-alcohol policy. There will also be coat closets in each box.

The luxury skyboxes include parking permits as well. Associate athletic director of development Joe Parker said he thinks each skybox would include four permits.

Restrooms will be conveniently located in the corridor outside the skyboxes. They will be shared only with other skybox patrons.

If fans want to hear the noise from spectators below – which, according to University studies, will be louder because the structures on the sidelines will reflect sound back to the field – they can roll up any one of the three windows overlooking the field.

While any fan with the cash can apply for a luxury box, some will be saved for the regents and President Mary Sue Coleman. Parker said football fans have already begun reserving the boxes.

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