Ween will never be taken seriously. Most people find them silly
and immediately laugh off their music as a novelty for fans of the
strange and drug-using experimentalists. But lost in most circles
is just how musically talented pseudo brothers Gene and Dean Ween
really are. In their send-ups of every musical genre known to man,
while they positively take a campy attitude, Ween also commonly
master the style, hinting that Ween could put out an entire CD of
that kind as they did for country-western with 1996’s 12 Golden
Country Greats.

The bubbly Brit-inspired “Hey There Fancy Pants” and prog-rock
manipulated-voice cut “Tried and True” showcase the various ranges
of fun Ween have to offer, yet in avoidance of their common concept
album recording, Ween have assembled a record of metal explosions,
jam-band epics and bizarre pop creations that never mesh. Such a
direction could be excusable if the tracks consistently equaled the
bizarre bliss of past albums but Quebec finds Ween on a high
you can’t quite brag about to your friends.

Rating: 3 stars.

– Todd Weiser
















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