As midterms approach and the Shapiro Undergraduate Library gets more full, finding a good study spot can be harder than finding a party that same evening. If you’re like me and have avoided the library so far, picking your first place to cram can be daunting. While it may feel like the UGLi or the Hatcher Graduate Library’s Reference Room are the only places to study late, there are actually many secret study spots hidden around campus. Depending on your studying style, the best place for you can vary from the quiet of the stacks to the hustle and bustle of a coffee house. However, the worst study spots are pretty unanimous for all.

1. In front of the TV
While vegging out on the couch and glancing at your notes may feel like studying, it’s not. None of the information will stick in your brain if you are half focused on a “Seinfeld” re-run. In fact, just reading your notes doesn’t do much either. Instead, copy your notes onto a separate piece of paper and studying will take you half as long — just in time to catch the next episode.

2. On your bed
I know some people can study in their beds, but I usually just end up falling asleep. Do yourself a favor and sit in a chair with good posture and your feet on the ground. Your test score will thank you later.

3. In your room
I honestly don’t know how people study in their rooms. I know it’s common, but I always feel like new scenery and a different environment refocuses my studying and makes it more efficient. Also, the walks to and from the library are great study breaks.

4. The second floor of the UGLi
It’s too loud, there aren’t enough outlets and your friends are too distracting. This is, however, a great place for group studying.

5. Coffee Shops with bad Wi-Fi
While the Internet can be the best procrastination tool, it is impossible to study without it and slow Internet can be a huge block in a study session. Coffee shops usually don’t have the best or the fastest Internet. You will just end up frustrated and accomplish little to no work. If you can find a coffee shop that actually has Wi-Fi, camp out and order two lattes because you might not find such a miracle again.

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