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University cancels class due to snowstorm
Late Sunday night, the University canceled classes for Monday due to inclement weather. This was the second time the University closed for weather-related reasons since 1978.

The Division of Public Safety and Security issued a notice of Emergency Reduction in Operations on Sunday night. The alert said all classes and events would be canceled through 6 p.m. Monday evening. Only the University hospitals remained open.

The National Weather Service predicted southwest Michigan would experience sub-zero wind chill and wind gusts up to 30 mph. The University experienced more than 14 inches of snow Sunday and early Monday, and a temperature-high of 15 degrees with a low of zero.

Protesters march after prosecutor declines to press charges against officer
The organization Ann Arbor to Ferguson marched through downtown Ann Arbor on Saturday in protest of a recent legal decision paralleling the case involving the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

Participants protested in response the Washtenaw County Prosecutor Office’s decision not to press charges against Ann Arbor police officer David Ried following the fatal shooting of 40-year-old Ann Arbor resident Aura Rosser.

The prosecutor’s office ruled that Ried acted in self-defense when he shot Rosser. The report from the hearing said Rosser charged toward Ried while carrying a knife. The report also stated Rosser refused to drop the knife when ordered to do so.

Around the World

CDC worried about large measles outbreak
The Center for Disease Control is very concerned about the growing number of people in the United States who have not been vaccinated for measles.

According to CDC statistics, there are currently at least 102 reported cases of measles in 14 states.

In an interview with CBS on Sunday, CDC Director Tom Frieden said while measles has been eliminated in the U.S. for the past 15 years, the influx of disease comes from citizens traveling internationally.

Frieden said the number of measles cases is expected to grow, which will result in CDC taking more aggressive public health action in order to isolate those infected and stop the spread.

Ukraine troops pounded by rebels after talks of peace fail
Peace talks between Ukraine, Russia and rebel officials in Minsk, Belarus, have failed, with Ukraine and rebels troops accusing each other of sabotaging the meeting.

Rebel forces fired rockets at Ukrainian government troops while holding down a strategic rail town Monday.

U.S. officials have reported that Washington is considering providing Ukraine with lethal aid following the surge of violence after the collapse of the peace effort on Saturday. However, officials emphasized that no decision has been made.

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