We’ve been at school for over two months now, and you’re probably tired of frat parties and Netflix marathons. Or maybe you’re not. Either way, you should still try to do something new this weekend. If you don’t like it, I promise you can go back to your smelly fraternity basements next weekend. But wouldn’t you like more memories besides barhopping when you leave after graduation?

Friday, November 7
Take advantage of these last few days of fall (and above-freezing temperatures) by visiting a local cider mill. Pretty soon all of them will be shutting down for the winter, so go and get your last fix of fall pictures and homemade donuts before it’s too late! If you’re lucky, maybe they will even have roasted almonds for sale.

Saturday, November 8
This Saturday night, the State Theatre will be showing “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” at midnight. Though I know next to nothing about the movie, I do know that seeing a midnight movie in Ann Arbor is on my bucket list. Take this opportunity to cross it off of yours, considering you’re probably still recovering from Halloweek anyway. Plus, midnight movies are only $7, which is definitely a win when you’re as broke as I am.

Sunday, November 9
In case you can’t go a week without football, ditch campus for the day and head down to Ford Field. The Detroit Lions will be playing the Miami Dolphins and it is sure to be a fun day in the D. BONUS: Ford Field is indoors so you won’t turn into a walking popsicle like at the Big House last weekend. Maybe you’ll even get to celebrate a win, a feeling that we Michigan students are slowly starting to remember.

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