There’s snow on the ground and that means one thing: winter is coming. However, before we embrace the frigid weather that we as Wolverines have come to know and tolerate, we still have one last game day to celebrate. Whether it’s your last game day as a student, or your last game day of freshman year, this is the time to rally and embrace your Wolverine pride. So while you’re bundled up under multiple layers of maize and blue spirit, here are some things you must do during the last game day of the season.

1. Dance on a ledge
This is fun. I don’t know how you could go through a football Saturday without dancing on some kind of elevated surface. Embrace this last weekend of football tailgating and have fun with your friends. Jump on a ledge and forget about your impending finals. Make sure you take a picture while you’re up there.

2. Eat a pizza with your friends
While I love pizza always, there’s something about gorging yourself on melted cheese and bread after a long day (morning) of tailgating. It’s almost tradition at this point that my friends and I get Bell’s Pizza for lunch every game day. In that moment when I’m stuffing my face with pizza, I’ve literally tasted nothing better. Stopping for pizza is a great opportunity to recharge with your friends before cheering on the Wolverines in the Big House.

3. Go to the game!
I know it’s cold. I am extremely aware that it is cold. However, there are a limited number of games to cheer on the team, the team, the team. This is your last opportunity until next year (or ever if you’re graduating). I know watching the game from your television while sipping hot chocolate sounds tempting, but nothing beats the rousing atmosphere of the Big House. Besides, this is a perfect opportunity to make use of the maize and blue scarf your aunt knit for you.

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