Parent’s weekend for many students is an opportunity to show the couple-in-charge just how awesome and independent you now are in college. However, others may cringe at the thought of having to entertain their family for an entire weekend. Don’t worry, though, because we’ve planned your whole weekend for you.


Show your parent’s your room

Pretty standard, but you can probably expect your parents are going to want to see your room. Before you show them the luxurious 12 by 14 cell you’ve been living in the past three weeks, you might want to clean up a bit. Do your laundry, close your drawers, maybe spray some Febreeze and change your sheets. Part of Parent’s Weekend is reassuring your parents just how well you are able to take care of yourself.

Go out to dinner

With parents in town, this is your opportunity to skip the dining hall and enjoy a great meal that isn’t necessarily college student affordable. Parents may enjoy many of the restaurants along Main Street like Gratzi or the Prickly Pear. But with so many parents in town, many restaurants will be busy, and you might want to make a reservation ahead of time.

Musical Performances

If you’re looking for after dinner entertainment, many of the University’s musical and dance groups are performing this weekend. Friday, the University’s Grammy Award winning Symphony Orchestra is performing a free concert in Hill Auditorium. Also, the G-Men are hosting their third G-FEST, which will include performances by many student groups.


Celebrate Football Saturday

Before impressing your parents with the enormity of the Big House as the Wolverines take on the Utes, show your parents a real Michigan Football Saturday experience by taking them to a tailgate. If you don’t think your parents would appreciate dancing on an elevated surface with you and your friends, the University is hosting its annual Parents and Family Weekend Pre-Game Tailgate. In addition to food and games, the Family Weekend Tailgate will include performances by the University Cheerleaders, Dance Team and the Marching Band along with many other student groups.


Go out for brunch

To conclude a hectic weekend of proving to your parents that you’re doing just fine, there is no better way to reward yourself than with a brunch. Before you say your goodbyes, make sure you stop by one of the many famous brunch restaurants in Ann Arbor, including Afternoon Delight, Sava’s Café Zola and Angelo’s.

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