Just when you think you have worked off all the Halloween candy, the real holiday feasting begins. Whether you are trying to look great in that New Year’s dress, impress your friends you haven’t seen since summer or just prove to your parents you didn’t gain the freshman 15, everyone has a reason to want to stay in shape over the next couple of months. The cold weather of November and December makes everyone want to nuzzle into pajamas and a snuggie. Working out becomes even more of a chore than it already was but it is possible, through the freezing temperatures and warm stuffing, to get some exercise in.

1. Work out indoors
If you are like me and running in nice weather is unthinkable, doing it in negative degrees is pretty much impossible. But there are tons of ways to work out indoors that aren’t running on a treadmill at the CCRB. Try a yoga class or a fitness class like Title Boxing. To avoid venturing out of your house into the cold, download a workout video and do a workout right in your room. Insanity or P90X can get your blood pumping within 10 feet of your bed.

2. Try a little bit of everything
While most of us like to think that if we work out we can eat whatever we want, that isn’t how our bodies work. Weight loss begins in the kitchen, where you need to decide what to not delight yourself with. So even though it’s the holidays, consider portion sizes when allowing yourself a treat every now and then. There are so many good side dishes during the holidays and it’s easy to eat everything… but don’t! Have a taste of everything, but just a small spoonful. You won’t feel like you missed out, and you won’t feel like you overate either.

3. Don’t binge it
I’ll admit it, on Thanksgiving I usually don’t eat anything all day until my mom serves the turkey, but this isn’t the best way to keep your eating in check over the holidays. If you starve yourself all day you are more likely to overeat during the big meals. Eat breakfast, lunch and snacks throughout the day like you would normally so that when the fancy dinner comes, you will don’t overeat, but get enough to keep you full for quite some time.

4. Use exercise as an excuse
Need to get away from your mom’s prying questions about school and your major? How about your grandma’s insistence that “you should meet a nice boy/girl”? Use a trip to the gym to escape your relatives for a few hours this holiday season. Your mental health and your new toned body will thank you.

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