Saturday is college football day. But for most students, Saturday means some memories you may never forget.

Whether it was experiencing a tailgate for the first time, participating in a “Go Blue” chant on the corner State and Hoover Street or seeing the Big House for the first time, every student has one memory that will never escape their mind.

The Weekend Roundup went around campus asking students about their favorite game day moments. Here are their stories:


“I had the appearance of a Big House employee and I started standing in line at the gate and taking tickets from students as they walked into the stadium. Not one person questioned me! I was waving some kids in, and some kids I gave a hard time that seemed like they may have had one or two many pops. They were very confused that I was accusing them of not having the right Mcard or asking to see a state ID or an ACT report or some other proof of their existence. My friends and I got a good kick out of it.” – LJ Pavletic, LSA senior

“When I was a sophomore I got on ‘Pre-gaming with Pat’ and it was during Mud Bowl so I was all covered in mud and it was really funny. He interviewed me and I was talking about how I thought the mud was contaminated with something. I was really out of it.” – Jessica Lakind, LSA senior

“Last year I saw this girl walking around with an open container and a cop was like, ‘Hey, you, stop!’ and she drops the cup and starts sprinting away. The cop chased her and actually tackled her to the ground! It was kind of horrifying while I was witnessing it, but hilarious at the same time.” – Lindsey Kerr, LSA sophomore

“At last year’s Notre Dame game, I was in the section where they put the huge Michigan flag over, so we were all under the flag hitting it. It was definitely my favorite memory by far all season.” – Kira Burnett, LSA sophomore

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