You were guaranteed a heap of valentines by placing a shoebox on your desk.
Back in the day, you received many Valentine’s Day well-wishes simply by making a cardboard mailbox. You didn’t have to worry about graciously accepting a gift you weren’t crazy about (read: boxes of raisins) because gifts could be given anonymously. Also, you left Valentine’s Day with a pile of free candy and adorable cards.

It wasn’t hard work, either.
The giving process wasn’t very difficult. All you had to do was head to your local dollar store and buy a pack of festive CatDog- or SpongeBob-themed cards. After signing your name on them, you were free to accept the rewards for your hard work.

To sign “From” or “Love” was the hardest decision you had to make.
With that being said, it could get tricky when it came how you wanted to sign your name. From personal experience, I usually reserved “Love” for my closest friends, and if I was feeling particularly brave, a member of the opposite gender.

And of course, the food (read: FREE food).
Valentine’s Day class parties used to be a huge deal. Cupcakes, cookies, chocolate, punch and candy hearts were generously provided by the mothers of kids in your class. A heart-shaped paper plate filled to the brim with sugary treats, accompanied by a plastic cup of red punch, was the best part of Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Today, the story has changed. You’re responsible for selecting a cute and funny — but still personal and meaningful — present for your significant other. You’re also tasked with picking the perfect outfit, restaurant and ambience to celebrate the holiday. Or, there is the alternative problem: no plans. When you find yourself saddened or stressed, remember the glory days of elementary school Valentine’s Day.

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