The temperature dropped from 80 degrees to 50 degrees in 12 hours and everyone is hoarding DayQuil. Starbucks orders have shifted from iced teas to steaming cappuccinos and people are choosing North Face jackets over tank tops. What does this mean? Is it winter already? Not quite, but it is time for Fall Break. But what makes this Fall Break different than all other Fall Breaks? Since the long-awaited Penn State football game is Saturday night, a larger-than-usual portion of the student body will not be venturing home for some tender love and care, but will be staying here on campus. Here’s a scavenger hunt to keep you busy and help you avoid studying for midterms. Split your friends into two teams and see who completes each task better (or at all). Make sure to document your adventures with pictures!

1. Pumpkin spice everything!
See how many things you can find or make that are pumpkin spice-flavored. A pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks is an obvious one, but what about pumpkin spice cupcakes? Candy corn? Pie? Jell-O? The opportunities are endless. The more ludicrous the better!

2. Have a picnic in the Arb
Nothing is more picturesque than Nichols Arb, especially on a crisp October day. Pack some pumpkin spice treats, find a tree to climb and spend your afternoon trying to find your way back to campus without using Google Maps (easier said than done).

3. Pretend Halloween came early
Dress up in full costume attire and go trick-or-treating! Whether it’s down your street or in the dorms, demand candy from every house and/or room you stop at. Halloween is the best holiday of the year; why not celebrate it twice?

4. 10 Dollar Dash
Head to Ragstock with 10 dollars or less and try to find the most absurd item in 10 minutes. The losers treat the winner at Charley’s, so try to think outside the box. We’re thinking along the lines of sweatshirts with tails hanging off the back, so make sure to be creative!

5. Find and take a picture with University President Mark Schlissel
Our new president has only been on campus for a few months, so what better way to welcome him than to track him down and take a quick pic with him? Don’t forget to say cheese!

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