It’s finally over. We can finally leave our rooms and stop spending every free minute shoving Vitamin-D supplements down our throats. That’s right, it’s finally spring. The weather has tricked us before with random snowstorms in April, but after this winter, I sincerely hope this will not be the case. Here are some ways to enjoy the warm weather while we have it, which will hopefully last until October.

1. Go for a walk or run around campus
I haven’t run a mile since my high school gym class, so you definitely won’t see me running circles around the Diag, but you could very well catch me strutting around the Law Quad. I just broke out my Fitbit for the first time since Welcome Week, and I’ve got to get in those steps. Pro tip: wait a couple weeks before heading to the Arb — it’s still a muddy mess from all the melting snow.

2. Drive with your windows down
There is nothing I love more than driving aimlessly around, windows down, screaming (definitely not singing — I’m tone deaf) my favorite Taylor Swift song. Of course, this is obviously a warm-weather activity, but it never feels quite as good as when the weather is shifting into the 50s for the first time all year.

3. Get ice cream
It’s been so cold the past few months that I didn’t even want ice in my water, but now that it’s finally spring, it’s time to bring on the icy sweets. I’m about to spend the next month hoarding every Dippin’ Dot, lemonade slush and Ben & Jerry’s pint in a two-mile radius. FYI: Dairy Queen Free Cone Day is March 16.

To all you sunbirds out there, happy 45-degree sunbathing!

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