The air is crisp. The cider is warm. The leaves are changing from green to red. What time of year is it again? Halloween. My favorite holiday. Not because of the costumes or endless parties, but because of the sweets. Everything from cupcakes to cookie cakes to Hershey’s chocolate to King Size candy bars and everything in between. I love it all. That’s why I am giving you a list of the top three great Halloween sweets to check off your food bucket list this week.

1. Pumpkin Seeds
Well obviously you need to carve the pumpkin first, but once you get the seeds out of the pumpkin guts, you’re halfway to one of the best Halloween snacks. True story, when I was eight I accidentally choked on a pumpkin seed and had to give myself the Heimlich maneuver, but nothing could stop me from eating this fall delicacy.

2. Anything with orange food coloring
Let’s face it; nothing is more festive than some orange Hershey Kisses. So make some boxed Betty Crocker cupcakes, add some food coloring, and spend your afternoon decorating the tops with orange frosting and black sprinkles.

3. Candy Corn!
It’s not actually that good, but it’s a part of the holiday, so it’s a must-have. Plus, it’s fun to try to eat each color separately, am I right? Just put a bowl of it out in your apartment and I promise, it’ll be gone before Halloween is over.

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