It’s finally Halloween, giving students across campus an excuse to dress up in ridiculous outfits for one night of the year. Whether you’re at a Halloween-themed party or trick-or-treating, you’ll eventually have some down time. I know there’s homework to do and tests to study for, but take a break from all of that. Instead, sit back and choose from one of these must-watch Halloween movies.

If you had any sort of childhood, you had to have seen the great Disney classic from 1998, “Halloweentown.” In a time before DVR cable boxes, watching “Halloweentown” annually became a tradition for many. “Halloweentown” follows Marnie Piper’s family as they try to stop the darkness from taking over Halloweentown, a city full of ghouls and ghosts that is separate from normal society. Even now, this movie still packs all of the enjoyment my younger self felt every year.

If you love this movie enough, watch the sequel “Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge.” It doesn’t have that feeling of originality, but is still fun like the original. But be advised: avoid “Halloweentown High” and “Return to Halloweentown,” both of which may lead you to throw up the candy you worked hard to get.

“Beetlejuice” is a classic late ‘80s movie starring Michael Keaton, Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis. More importantly, “Beetlejuice” is directed by Tim Burton. Burton, an expert in quirky horror films, takes us on an adventure with Baldwin and Davis, a married couple who die in the beginning of the movie.

Upon passing away, we follow them through the world of the dead until they return to the home they left behind and haunt its newest residents. “Beetlejuice” is one of the funniest Halloween movies I’ve seen. If you’ve never seen it, you’re definitely missing out.

“In space, no one can hear you scream.”

If that doesn’t make your blood curdle, good for you. But for the rest of us, “Alien” is a classic sci-fi horror movie that follows a group of scientists traveling in outer space on a research mission. If you like Sigourney Weaver, chest-bursting aliens and ‘face-huggers’ (still give me nightmares), this is the movie for you.

If you want less of a psychological thriller and more of a sci-fi action movie with horror elements, watch “Aliens.” This sequel is just as scary, but focuses more on the fight against the xenomorph aliens. The movie’s most memorable line is “They mostly come out at night. Mostly.”

In other words, save this movie for the daytime if you like sleeping soundly.

Cabin in the Woods
When I first watched “Cabin in the Woods,” my first thought was, Isn’t that the actor who plays Thor? It has to be a good movie. But I quickly learned that Chris Hemsworth’s painful-to-watch performance signaled that this was a movie poking fun at horror movie culture while also trying to be considered a legitimate scary movie itself.

The movie is about a group of teenagers who decide it would be a great idea to stay alone in a cabin in the woods. If you’ve ever seen a scary movie, you can probably infer how the rest of the story goes.

There are moments where I laughed, moments where I hugged my knees, and moments where I cried (from more hysterical laughter). Overall, this is a great movie to get a kick out of with your friends. The ending of the movie escalates very quickly, and will leave you absolutely flabbergasted.

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