Gross in millions of dollars

1. Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (22.0) – If you like over-the-top
action and ridiculous violence then this is the movie for you. But
don’t plan on eating after you see it.

2. School of Rock (15.4) – The only thing cooler than
Jack Black would be Uma Thurman with a sword trying to get revenge
on her former boss. If only they’d make such a movie …

3. Good Boy! (13.1) – Any movie about talking alien dogs
should star Frank the pug from “Men in Black” or Triumph from

4. Intolerable Cruelty (12.5) – Intolerable cruelty would
be making someone watch “Good Boy!” over and over and over

5. Out of Time (8.5) (6.3) – Remember that movie “Nick of
Time” with Johnny Depp? That was sweet. I don’t know anything about
this though.

6. The House of the Dead (5.6) – Stop making movies about
videogames. Really, I mean it.

7. The Rundown (5.2) – The Rock should be in “Kill Bill:
Vol. 2.”

8. Under the Tuscan Sun (4.9) – Don’t see this movie.

9. Secondhand Lions (3.2) – You think that guy in New
York got attacked because he had secondhand lions?

10. Lost in Translation (3.6) – Great movie, but since
when has Tokyo been boring?


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