Gross in millions of dollars

Kate Green
Courtesy of Buena Vista
The Tuscan Sun is behind them.

1. The Rundown (18.5) – The People’s Champion delivers a rock solid performance, oh yeah and Christopher Walken is hilarious.

2. Under the Tuscan Sun (9.4) – Only two things could make this movie worse, subtitles and an extra 10 minutes.

3. Underworld (9.4) – Who in their right mind would prefer a romantic comedy about a rundown Italian house over Vampires vs. Werewolves?

4. Secondhand Lions (6.3) – What does a movie about a boy and his crazy uncles have anything to do with lions?

5. The Fighting Temptations (6.3) – Beyonce, consider this an open marriage proposal. I’m young, virile and sensitive to a woman’s needs.

6. Once Upon a Time In Mexico (5.0) – Cost 10 times as much as “Desperado” and isn’t half as good, but still enjoyable.

7. Duplex (4.6) – Forget this piece of junk, when can we see “Meet the Fockers?”

8. Cold Creek Manor (4.4) – I’ll take the 6-inch cold creek manor on wheat please.

9. Matchstick Men (4.3) – Alright you pyros, that’s enough, put it away.

10. Lost in Translation (3.6) – Just because you haven’t seen ads for a movie doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go see it.



















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