Gross in millions of dollars

1. Daredevil (43.5) – Worst … hero … ever.

2. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (19.0) – Why 10 days? Because he will spend nine days vomiting after seeing this movie and then leave on the 10th.

3. Chicago (12.6) – Apparently they had a really tough time deciding whether they would adapt “Chicago” or “Cats.”

4. The Jungle Book 2 (11.9) – Man, Disney is really scraping the bottom of the cartoon barrel. You guys do know there are other fairy tales out there you haven’t done.

5. Shanghai Knights (11.4) – If at first you don’t succeed, try… please don’t make another movie. We’re begging you.

6. The Recruit (6.8) – Colin, making the top 10 list two times, feeling the flow. Workin’ it.

7. Final Destination 2 (6.2) – So, they basically just released “Final Destination” again, right?

8. Deliver Us from Eva (4.3) – Deliver us a movie that doesn’t suck ass.

9. Kangaroo Jack (4.0) – Did you know the kangaroo only talks in a dream? What a goddamn rip-off!

10. About Schmidt (3.5) – Dear Ndugu, we hope you’re sitting down, because most of the movies on this list suck.

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