Gross in millions of dollars

Paul Wong
Courtesy of New Line Cinema
Sandler looks for his Snack-Packs.

1. 8 Mile (51.2) – If you had one shot, one opportunity, before “Harry Potter” blew you out of the water …

2. Santa Clause 2 (24.7) – Snow isn’t the only white powder that Tim Allen likes. Oh man, we’ve been waiting years to use that one. It was totally worth it.

3. The Ring (15.5) – … It’s getting heavier.

4. I Spy (8.8) – We spy another worthless Eddie Murphy movie.

5. Jackass: The Movie (7.1) – See Steve-O’s best tattoo yet. Even better than the “Your name” one. We swear.

6. My Big Fat Greek Wedding (5.9) – Will you just die and leave us in peace?

7. Sweet Home Alabama (3.8) – If you need a date movie, this is it. Well, this or “Jackass.”

8. Ghost Ship (3.1) – Let us guess: The black guy dies first.

9. Femme Fatale (2.8) – That’s french for “Antonio Banderas sucks.”

10. Frida (2.7) – Knocking “Punch-Drunk” off the list.

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