Gross in millions of dollars

Paul Wong
Courtesy of Warner Bros.
Good God, stop!

1. Panic Room (30.2) – Jodie Foster’s best movie since “Little Man Tate,” and that movie sucked.

2. Ice Age (18.6) – Ray Romano in film is about as exciting as scurvy.

3. The Rookie (15.8) – Do you remember when G movies weren’t boring as poop? Neither do we.

4. Blade II (13.1) – “Mo’ Better Blues” is a distant memory, huh, Wes?

5. Clockstoppers (10.1) – Wait, this is “Out of this World,” back from syndication. Has anyone else noticed this? Are we insane?

6. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (6.1) – Yeah, it’s much better now that Steve has but back all of the nudity and the original ending where that stupid alien dies.

7. Death to Smoochy (4.2) – Great come back, Rob.

8. A Beautiful Mind (4.0) – Thirty-odd-foot-of-craps.

9. We Were Soldiers (3.5) – When we were bad actors. With bad scripts and a horrible director.

10. Showtime (3.5) – Almost as good as a colostomy bag in the face. Almost.

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