Gross in millions of dollars

1. Black Hawk Down (11.1) Where are the real G.I. Joes when you need them? Snake Eyes anyone?

2. Snow Dogs (10.1) Since when do black people drive dogs?

3. A Walk to Remember (8.8) Remember the time we left a slew of brown nutties on your face.

4. The Count of Monte Cristo (9.0) This movie sucks ass. Count on it.

5. A Beautiful Mind (8.4) Overrated, overhyped. Overly boring.

6. The Mothman Prophecies (7.3) More movies about bugs and more Richard Gere. Bugs and Gere, at least it isn”t gerbils, eh Dick?

7. I Am Sam (6.3) At the 24th minute of the film, if you look close you”ll spot Chris Burke in the background. Paige is there too.

8. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (5.7) Still lord of all the movies on this list. The four-minute teaser of “Two Towers” has all of us drooling.

9. Kung Pow: Enter the Fist (3.8) The fist has been entered.

10. Slackers (3.0) Jason, you”re killing us.

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