Figures in millions of dollars.

1. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer”s Stone (57.5) Riding a broom without a cup make you a better man than I.

2. Monsters Inc. (24.1) “Little Monsters,” now that was a movie. Frank Whaley rules.

3. Spy Game (21.7) More fun than Twister with a fork.

4. Black Knight (15.4) Martin made $15 mil and I can”t sell my bike for $30. God is dead.

5. Shallow Hal (8.5) JUNIOR Western Bacon Chee.

6. Out Cold (4.5) Both “Ski Patrol” and “Ski School” are rolling over in their suck-graves.

7. Domestic Disturbance (4.0) Bastard makes his wife go on “Fear Factor!” That ain”t Scientologyrific

8. Heist (3.1) The only top ten film that actually has a screenplay.

9. Life as a House (2.1) Darth Vader.

10. The One (2.0) Yeah, the LAST one. Hahaha. Oh, my sides.

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