Figures in millions of dollars.

1. Monsters Inc. (45.5) This movie”s pretty sweet, especially if you”re a child or have the brain power of a child.

2. Shallow Hall (25.5) Why do they have to make Gwenyth all super-sized. Big isn”t that beautiful.

3. The One (9.1) Actually, this is the third.

4. Domestic Disturbance (8.6) Like a fraternity spiking drinks, this movie is trouble.

5. Heist (7.8) An original movie, with an original title, and a not-so-original joke.

6. K-PAX (6.3) Kevin Spacey”s career just called, it”s stuck in the toilet. Again.

7. 13 Ghosts (4.4) 13 Ghosts, and not a single pair of breasts. Terrible.

8. Life as a House (3.8) Sucks ass.

9. Riding in Cars with Boys (2.1) Drew Barrymore”s final film. We”re praying.

10. Training Day (2.0) God, all the chemo in the world can”t stop this.

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